This is the Kingdom of Kalisto Museum.  Glimpse into Kalisto's history with displays of relics of the Kingdom's past.  These are MOSTLY functional snapshots of previous Kalisto versions and sub-sites.  Don't be alarmed if a link does not work - quite a bit of content has been relocated and/or removed over the years...


Kingdom of Kalisto version 8

The direct predecessor to this version of Kingdom of Kalisto.  This version was the longest-running one - 2006-2013.  This version was completely built in Photoshop with slices and in-line frames.  I was able to interchange the entire site just by saving another PSD over it - allowing for easy theme swaps.  Content styling was handled via CSS.  While pretty, in-line frames did not play well with mobile browsers.  It also did not work properly if an internal page was linked.

Look HERE for some of the other themes I used for Kalisto 8.


 Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

A site dedicated to my first anime series watched (and collected) in its entirety.  This "sub-site" started with Kalisto 6 and carried over to Kalisto 7.  It was discontinued with Kalisto 8 with plans to integrate its content directly into Kalisto - that never happened beyond its hosted wallpapers.


Love Hina

This "sub-site" was part of Kalisto 6 and 7 like the Nadia one above.  It was also discontinued with Kalisto 8 - and like the Nadia one, it was never actually removed.  Just the links were.  The Love Hina sub-site was never completed (as indicated by the "Under Construction" mark...