Laws of the Land

Terms and Conditions

Kingdom of Kalisto has quite a bounty of original works stowed within its walls.  All web graphics are not to be used without expressed permission.  Feel free to post the anime wallpapers on your site as long as they remain un-modified and a link to Kalisto is provided on the aforementioned site.  Anime wallpapers' backgrounds are also prized and should not be reproduced in non-Kalistonian art.  The characters used in these wallpapers are not the Kingdom's to claim, so they adhere to the original author's copyright wishes.  All multimedia content is copyright of its respective owner.



The multimedia content is hosted on a home server and bandwidth to this machine is limited.  It is asked that you be considerate of fellow visitors and not be selfish with the bandwidth.  If one is believed to be overstaying his or her welcome, the offender will be banned from the Kingdom. (Yes, I can do that.)  A visitor is allowed to download ONE file at a time.  The server will not allow multiple downloads.  If one attempts to circumvent these methods, that violator will be banned.  Do not use download managers.  These download managers often try to establish multiple connections to circumvent the server's bandwidth-limiting system and therefore will result in you being banned.  If it is determined that bandwidth is needed for another purpose, the server may be put on hold temporarily.