About The Royal Library

Relocated after the Second Great War, the Kalisto Royal Library has long been the gathering place for those who seek knowledge.  Stored within its walls is every work, both fictional and non-fictional known to exist.  If you cannot find it here, it is likely not to exist.


About Kingdom of Kalisto

This section provides a brief fictional account of Kalisto's history.  Also general information is provided on the site.


Laws of the Land

Here, Terms and Conditions are displayed.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with these laws.


Royal Court

Profiles on Kalisto's Royal Court are displayed here.


Knight Lileigh Server Specifications

Processor - Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 Overclocked to 3.2GHz (3200MHz)

Memory - 8GB (8192MB) DDR2-800 (PC2-6400)

Storage - >4TB (Several Drives) SATA and SAS

LAN - Marvel Yukon Gigabit Ethernet controller

Connectivity - RoadRunner Cable - 20mbps/2mbps

Operating System - Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS


Services List

Web HTTP/PHP (Kingdom of Kalisto website)



KalistoRO Ragnarok Online with RO Control Panel