KalistoRO Rules and Laws

Please Follow These Simple Rules And Laws

Help make KalistoRO a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone by following these simple rules.  Most of these are common-sense.  Please review these rules and adhere to them as best as you can.


Respect And Obey GMs

Pretty self explanatory.  The KalistoRO GM staff are here to help players and enforce the rules.  THEY ARE THE LAW!  They say...you do.  It's that simple.  A current list of GMs will appear on the KalistoRO Home Page.


Do Not Harass or Degrade Other Players

Just as it says.  This is a community game and we WILL keep it clean of hateful and harassing comments and gestures.  Absolutely NO harassment (be it racial, sexual, religious, etc) will be tolerated.  Any violation can result in immediate and permanent banning of the offender from KalistoRO.


Do Not "Kill Steal" (KS) Another Player

Kill Stealing (KS-ing) is defined as attacking a monster that is already engaged with another player.  If a monster is chasing or attacking another player, that monster belongs to THAT player...unless THAT player says otherwise.  MVP and Boss monsters are an exception.  These monsters are fair game and can be attacked by any player at anytime.


Do Not Loot Another Player's Items

Looting is defined as taking items from another player's kill without permission.  The server prevents you from taking other player's for a short time anyway.  However this DOES NOT mean that you can pick up these items when the server allows you to.  As long as the player that made the kill is in the area, THAT player owns the items that drop from that kill.  If the player leaves the area or grants you permission, then by all means, pick up the items.


Do Not Mob-Kill Another Player

Mob-killing is when a player brings a group or "Mob" of monsters (usually aggressive) towards another player...then hides, teleports, warps, etc so that the mob attacks and overwhelms that player.  If the player permits mobbing...such as for hunting or leveling purposes, then it is permissible.


Keep All Chats And Vending In Prontera On The Sidewalk

Prontera is the busiest area in RO (any server KalistoRO or otherwise).  Its hard for people to see what's going on if the central area is littered with Chats and Shops.  Line up along the sidewalks for these.  Besides, you stand a better chance of people buying from your shop if they can see it.


No Skill-Spamming In the Center Of Any Occupied Town

Skill-Spamming in RO means rapid repeating of a skill for a lengthy duration.  When there are other players around, this becomes VERY annoying.  If there are other players around...make your potions outside town!  This rule is somewhat flexible...as long as no player or GM has an issue with it, we won't bring the axe down on ya...


Miscellaneous Courtesies and Good Practices

These are not necessarily concrete rules, but just common courtesy practices to avoid annoying players. 


Refrain from excessive begging for items and Zeny.  Refrain from excessive begging for someone to tank you or help you level.  You may ask, but if you do not get a response or are denied, then drop it...plain and simple. 


Refrain from excessive use of profanity.  While its ok for a "bad" word once in a while, use common sense and keep it under control.

Current KalistoRO GMs

Nemo of Kalisto

Eric of Kalisto



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