Kalisto RO

Kingdom of Kalisto Ragnarok (KalistoRO)


Welcome to Kingdom of Kalisto Ragnarok Online

This is home to Kingdom of Kalisto's very own Ragnarok Online server.  We are currently allowing open registration and play.  Our bandwidth is limited, so our Ragnarok community will not be as large as some RO servers.  We are still fine-tuning the client, but most major changes are already implemented.  Most things we change from this point can be updated via patches.  Be sure to read over the rules and download the necessary files.  We hope to see some RO players soon.


We are currently in the beta phase of a significant upgrade to KalistoRO.  The new server seems to be handling well so far.  I am trying to find the best way to package the client for additional beta testing.

Highlights of the new KalistoRO include:  Linux-based rAthena SVN Ragnarok server back-end, Renewal items, NON-Renewal classes (we get the nice items without the butchered classes), All-new RO Control Panel.  There is much more to come.  If you want to take a look at the Control Panel (which will be the home for KalistoRO when all this is done), you can peek HERE.  Stay tuned.

Current KalistoRO GMs

Nemo of Kalisto

Eric of Kalisto



KalistoRO Rules


KalistoRO Control Panel (Account Registration and Management Page)