The End of an Era... Goodbye

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On September 21, 2001, Kingdom of Kalisto was born out of my facination with Anime and Video Games.  Over time, my interests have shifted; my life changed significantly.  But Kaliso's theming and domain remained the same.  With Kalisto version 9, the site will align more with my current life experiences and interests.   I still like Anime and Video Games, but these are no longer the focal point of my attention.


One facet of this new focus is the changing of the site's domain URL - a changing of the colors of sorts.  After more than 12 years at the domain, Kingdom of Kalisto will switch to a more appropriate URL:




The old domain will still function for a time, since it is not due to expire for a while.  Also, for those of you who have access to Cailen's site, it has also moved - to its own domain -

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Nemo Aurathen: on 05/19/2014

As of May 15, 2014, the domain has expired. If you managed to make here with that domain, it was a fluke...

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