Happy Birthday Grandpa

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For many, December 7th is Pearl Harbor day.  For me, it is also importantant for another reason.  On this day in 1932, Charles "Chuck" Jones - my grandfather was born. 

Hailing from West Virginia, Chuck was a simple man.  He greeted just about everyone he crossed paths with - wether he knew them or not.  Chuck believed in helping his fellow man.  He took things slow.  With him, business concluded with a handshake.  He fought for this great country in Korea serving in the United States Army.  He dedicated his time to the Church.  He did not stand on ceremony - he was kind, generous, dedicated, and helpful without putting on a show.  Chuck was a true Southern Gentleman.

His influence on me is extensive.  My interest in golf came from his passion for the game.  I am an Atlanta Braves fan bacause of him.  My driving mannerisms are inherited from grandpa - from the sound-effects I sometimes make to the why I turn the wheel to the way I lean forward when looking for something.  Much in the way I conduct myself is modeled after my grandfather.  My lack of tolerance for blatent disrespect as well as my acceptance of unintentional transgressions came from him.  He never held a grudge and neither do I.  As I get older, I see myself becoming even more like him...and I, for one am proud of that.

He was truely a great man.  He lit up the hearts of all who knew him.  He certainly did mine...


Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Charles "Chuck" Jones

December 7, 1932 - May 22, 2011

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