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Welcome aboard my ship, the Nautilus. This is a sub-site dedicated to the anime series Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Here, you can learn about the series, download images and media. Feel free to roam about the ship...however, I ask that you stay off the Bridge.


Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Nadia Secret of Blue Water is a wonderful anime series based on 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. The series starts in France in 1889 when a young French inventor stumbles across Nadia, a circus acrobat and immediately falls in love with her. She is wearing a mysterious pendant called Blue Water which has powers far beyond her comprehension. They will soon get involved with the Nautilus and its crew in their mission to defeat Gargoyle and his Neo-Atlantians.


This series aired on TV from April 13, 1990 to April 12, 1991 with a total of 39 episodes.





Battlecrusier Nautilus online.  This is the basic design.  It may change.  I still need to scan the DVD covers for Disc 9, 10, and the Motion Picture.  I should have that done by tomarrow.