Episode Guide

This is the list of episodes from the ADV DVDs released in the USA.


Disc 1: The Adventure Begins

1  The Girl at the Eiffel Tower

2  The Little Fugitive

3  The Riddle of the Sea Monsters

4  Nautilus, The Fantastic Submarine


Disc 2: The Dark Kingdom

5  Marie's Island

6  Infiltration of the Secret Base

7  The Tower of Babel

8  Mission to Rescue Nadia


Disc 3: Aboard the Nautilus

9  Nemo's Secret

10  Acrowning Performance by the Gratan

11  New Recruits For the Nautilus

12  Grandis and Her First Love


Disc 4: Battleground

13  Run Marie Run!

14  The Valley of Dinicthys

15  The Nautilus Faces Its Biggest Crisis

16  The Mystery of the Moment


Disc 5: Nemo's Fortress

17  Jean's New Invention

18  Nautilus vs. Nautilus

19  Nemo's Best Friend

20  Jean Makes A Mistake


Disc 6: Deep Blue Sea

21  Farewell Nautilus

22  Electra the Traitor

23  Young Drifters

24  Lincoln Island


Disc 7: Nadia's Island

25  The First Kiss

26  King, The Lonely Lion

27  The Island of the Witch

28  The Floating Island


Disc 8: The Secret Cave

29  King vs. King

30  Labyrinth In the Earth

31  Farewell, Red Noah

32  Nadia's Love


Disc 9: Nadia In Love

33  King's Rescue

34  My Darling Nadia

35  The Secret of Blue Water

36  The New Nautilus


Disc 10: The Prophecy Fulfilled

37  Emperor Neo

38  To the Sky

39  Successor To the Stars


Disc 11: The Motion Picture

The Mystery of Fuzzy