Series Cast

Learn about the series' most important characters.



Nadia is a fourteen year old circus' acrobat; abandoned when she was a baby, she is unaware of her origin as well as her parents. She wears a mysterious crystal pendant later identified as Blue Water. This pendant will ultimately bring her to the discovery of her true identity. Nadia is an obstinate naturalist and hates technology and any form of violence; her relationship with other persons are difficult because of her mistrustful and moody nature.



Jean is a fourteen year old French boy who loves to invent things. He encounters Nadia in Paris and instantly falls in love with her. He is always cheerful and optimistic. His steadfast faith in science and technology is in direct contrast to Nadia's beliefs. Because of this, the two are often in disagreement. The relationship between Jean and Nadia and how it develops is one of the key aspects of the series.



A four year old girl orphaned when her parents were killed by Gargoyle's Neo-Atlantians. She is taken in by Jean and Nadia. Due to Jean and Nadia's relationship, she sorta considers them her parents. She gets bored quickly and never seems to run out of energy. She is very refined and mature for her age.



King is Nadia's pet lion cub. He is very intelligent and can communicate with people with characterized grunts and purrs. He is very protective of Nadia and her friends.



Grandis is a former noblewoman that suffered a failed marriage. She originally sought the Blue Water around Nadia's neck. After coming aboard the Nautilus, she instantly falls in love with Captain Nemo and no longer desires the Blue Water. Her hot temper often puts her at ends with the crew, espicially Electra. She volunteers as ship cook and she loves spicy foods.



Sanson was Grandis' driver and with Hanson, stays with her even after she has lost all her estate. He is a bit vain and tends to complain alot. Sanson has abnormal physical strength making him able to match up against several of Gargoyle's machines. Hanson is constantly giving love advice Jean and Hanson. He also becomes very protective of Marie.



Hanson is Grandis' loyal mechanic who along with Sanson stays with Grandis after her estate is lost.  He is the brains behind the Catherine, the sophisticated tank vehicle used by the three.  Hanson and Jean instantly become friends as their personalities are so alike.  They are constantly diving into the Nautilus' technology as much as possible.  Hanson also finds Electra attractive and begins to fall in love with her.



Electra is First Officer aboard the Nautilus. She is very authoritarian, but kind at heart. She has deep feelings for Captain Nemo, but hides them beneath her tough exterior. When Grandis comes aboard and openly expresses desire for Nemo, this makes Electra jealous. The two are often at ends because of this.



Nemo is the Captain of the Nautilus. He is a mysterious and quiet person. The mere sight of him demands respect. He commands the Nautilus crew with a keen proficiency. When he does speak, all within hearing distance stop their tasks and listen carefully. Nemo has sworn to rid the world of Gargoyle and his Neo-Atlantians. So much about this man is unknown and nobody dares to ask.