Hinata Lodge Lobby

Welcome to the Hinata.  This sub-site is dedicated to the hillarious Shounen amime series, Love Hina.  Here you can learn about the series and download images and media.  Oh, guys, be sure to stay out of the Girls Bath...


Love Hina

Love Hina is a nice romantic comedy about a guy on his third attempt to get into Tokyo University.  He made a promise to a childhood sweetheart that they would meet there and be happy.  Problem is...over the years, he forgot her name.  He accepts his grandmother's offer to be the live-in manager of the Hinata Apartments.  His grandmother failed to mention that it has been converted to an all-girls dormitory.  He is now under attack by the female residents.  With all the mayhem, will he ever be able to study and pass the entrance exam?  Or will these crazy girls drive him insane?





Welcome to the Hinata.  This site is still under construction, but it is finished enough that you can look around.  Check back often as I'm still working on it.