Series Cast

This is the cast of characters of the Love Hina series.


Keitaro Urashima

Keitaro is a 20 year old prep school student.  He is attempting to get accepted to Tokyo University (Toudai) to keep a 15 year old promise to a girl who's name he can't remember.  He has failed the entrance exam twice.  His grandmother asks him to manage the Hinata Lodge; an all-girls dormitory.  He often lets his fantasies get the best of him and talks to himself.  He is always getting into accidental voyeuristic situations with the female residents such as walking in on them while changing clothes.  He is kind-hearted and a hard worker.  He quickly develops feelings for Naru.


Naru Narusegawa

Naru is also trying for Tokyo-U to keep a promise.  She is the first to firmly stand against the Dormitory's new manager being a man.  Naru has devoted so much to her studies that her eyesight is quite bad and she doesn't have much of a social life.  Her feelings toward Keitaro start to develop, but she will never admit it.  In fact, she is often cold-hearted towards him in effort to "prove" to the other residents that there is nothing going on between them.  She is abnormally strong and will punch Keitaro at a moments notice.  She also tends to jump to conclusions about something Keitaro said or did, often not allowing him a chance to explain the situation.


Mitsune Konno (Kitsune)

Kitsune is Naru's good friend and they went through school together.  She is generally a nice person living a pretty care-free life.  She sometimes starts trouble though.  Kitsune often mettles in Naru's and Keitaro's already shaky relationship, mostly for good though.  She pretty much accepts Keitaro from the start and is usually kind to him.  One thing is for sure; she loves alcohol and consumes quite a large amount of it.  She also usually talks with her eyes closed.


Kaolla Su

Kaolla Su is from an unknown foreign country. She is in Junior-high school along with Shinobu.  Kaolla is usually called Su by the residents.  She is extremely hyper and has an enormous appetite.  Su is highly intelligent with mechanics and electronics though lacks common sense.  She often asks if things (such as Tokyo-U) are edible.  When the moon is red, she transforms into an older version of herself.  Its usually around this time her older sister Amalla shows up and things get interesting.  She is fond of Keitaro and isn't shy about it at all.  She has even been known to sneak into his bed. Of course Keitaro gets blamed for it.


Shinobu Maehara

Shinobu is a 14 year old Junior-high school student that is having some family problems.  Her parents are having a pretty nasty divorce and are still arguing over who will take custody of Shinobu.  While sitting on a bench, Keitaro schetches a picture of her smiling, then drops the sketchbook.  During a farewell party Keitaro puts together for her, she decides to stay at the Hinata Lodge and earn her keep by cooking and doing laundry.  Shinobu is very shy and tends to cry easily.  She has a enormous crush on Keitaro and always sticks up for him when he is getting blamed for something.


Motoko Aoyama

Motoko is an avid swordsman in the art of Kendo.  She leaves for training before Keitaro arrives at the Hinata Lodge.  Upon returning to the Hinata, she encounters Keitaro.  Thinking he is stalking her, she attacks him.  After being informed that he is the new manager, she stands firmly against it.  Though disciplined, she is short-tempered and will use any excuse to draw her sword.  She idolizes her older sister who stepped down as heir to the Divinity School of Swordsmanship.  Motoko struggles with feminine issues and praise.  She also believes falling in love will make her weak.  She eventually comes to accept Keitaro and even likes him a little.


Haruka Urashima

Haruka is Keitaro's aunt.  But as Keitaro quickly discovers, she doesn't like being called aunt or auntie.  She often serves as the voice of reason and authority.  Haruka is the person the residents usually go to for advice.  She usually has a cigarette in her mouth and speaks in a monotone voice.  At first, Haruka seems to be a plain, bland character, but as the series develops, so does her character.  She runs the Hinata Tea House and the Seaside Tea House as well.


Noriyasu Seta

Seta is a graduate of Tokyo University.  He is now a professor of archeology there.  When he makes his official entrance into the series, he already knows Haruka, Naru, and Kitsune.  He was Naru's private tutor a few years back.  Seta travels around the world excavating sites that are believed to house ancient turtle civilizations.  He usually takes his American adopted daughter, Sarah McDougal with him.  Keitaro becomes his assistant to earn some money to make his living expenses.  Seta is a very kind person and always speaks calmly.  But don't mistake him for a softie.  He is a very skilled fighter who even while unarmed, can defeat Motoko easily.


Sarah McDougal

Sarah is an American girl that tags along with Seta during one of his excavations in the United States.  It seems that she is from a wealthy family, but ran away from home.  Seta takes her in and raises her as his own.  She is a trouble maker from the start.  Because of her enjoyment of pulling pranks, her and Su get along pretty well.  She is very protective of Seta and doesn't like anyone getting close to him.  Because of this, naturally she causes Keitaro all sorts of trouble when he becomes Seta's assistant.